Welcome to United General Trading Co.

At UGT, we strive to provide excellent consulting services and logistics solutions to our clients. We observe heigh standards of personal conduct and we are dedicated to our clients care.

Consulting Services - U.S. Companies

At UGT, we provide quality consulting services to our clients and connect them with leading companies in USA and Overseas.

Logistics Solutions - Low Cost Shipping

At UGT, we have established a network of contacts that allow us to help our clients finding a low-cost shipping solutions for Exports.

Trading - U.S. Products

At UGT, we help our clients finding varities of quality U.S. products from Consumer Goods to New & Reconditioned Industrial Equipments for exporting to overseas.

Our Mission

UGT mission is to provide quality consulting services to our clients and to promote U.S. made products and services overseas.
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